Children will learn various Shlokas, Hymns, Arati, etc and will also learn how to recite them publicly with correct pronunciations in front of all the students/parents/teachers. School binder includes all the shlokas in Sanskrit with meanings in English.


Language Curriculum Summary (Hindi and Gujarati)


Level 1
The students at this level are typically very young and some do not even write in the regular schools. So we are mainly using oral method of teaching and emphasize listening and speaking. Students will be taught to understand simple questions and provide short answers related to the learned vocabulary. Students will learn counting 1-20.
Level 2
Students in this level have acquired some basic vocabulary and can understand simple questions and answers. These skills will be reinforced and expanded. Emphasize will be on learning and writing alphabet and counting 1-30.
Level 3
Students in this level continue to learn new words and phrases and can formulate some questions, answers and statements. Speaking skills will be expanded to task oriented and social situations. The students will learn alphabet and will be able to use vowels. Emphasize will be placed to read and write simple sentences and count 1-50.
Level 4
Students in this level have acquired fair amount of speaking skills. While continuing to expand the speaking and writing skills, grammar will be introduced in this level. More advanced writing skills using blended words will be introduced. They will learn to count 1-100.
Level 5
Student at this level will continue to expand on their speaking and writing skills. They will learn to write sentences using more advanced sentence structure using proper tenses and gender. They will learn writing simple letters to family, write a small paragraph on a topic discussed in classroom.
Level 6 (Hindi Only)
Student in this level will further expand upon reading comprehension skills and learn new vocabulary. They will learn about commonly used idioms, synonyms, antonyms and recite popular prayers and songs. By the time they graduate, they will be able to translate a passage from English to Hindi and vice versa.


Culture & Culture Projects

The Shri Sanatan Mandir Sunday School presents various cultural topics to the children through a Culture Class and an integrated Culture Projects (Arts & Crafts) Class. This method allows a consistent message flow to the children allowing them to explore their culture through an informative, interactive technique-Culture Class and a fun method using Arts & Crafts.

Various cultural themes are covered such as Diwali, Holi, Janmashtami, Navratri, Raksha Bandhan, Republic Day of India, Shivratri, etc. Please review the school calendar to obtain details of celebrations of various festivals as well as information on topics of cultural interest to children.

Depending on the culture class levels, children are introduced to Hinduism, Yoga, Bhagvad Gita, the two great epics, Ramayan and Mahabharat. The art projects are kept simple for the younger children while the art projects are more intricate for the older children. The children not only get to demonstrate their artistic skills but also get a chance to have fun with their friends. Upon completion, some of the projects are displayed throughout the temple to share the efforts of the children with all temple attendees.

There are six Culture / Culture Project levels and children are placed at each level based on their age and understanding of our culture. Topics covered in culture motivate the children to imagine and apply their skills and knowledge to various projects.