Indian Community Center

The Indian Community Center (ICC) was formed in 1985 to serve the local Indian community by conducting various educational, cultural and spiritual activities to preserve the traditional Indian heritage in our children who are born and raised in the USA. ICC is the parent organization to Shri Sanatan Mandir (temple), which was set up in 1989 in Parsippany when a 4.5-acre nicely wooded property was purchased. The temple actively celebrates many religious and cultural events.

ICC conducts a Sunday School to teach Indian languages, music, culture and philosophy to children. A scholarship program is being initiated to deserving students of Indian heritage based on their SAT scored. ICC also conducts a senior center to provide an opportunity for seniors in the community to meet regularly for lectures, devotional music programs, field trips, etc.

ICC has also been active in several community projects in both USA and India. It has supported the local ambulance squad, police, and fire departments in Parsippany, and donated to various natural disasters in India like the Orissa Cyclone Relief Fund, Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund, and Tsunami Relief Fund. It also works with various hospitals and associations to set up medical camps for needy people in the local community.


ICC Vision / Mission Statement

  • To serve Indian families residing in Parsippany and surrounding communities to fulfill their religious, spiritual, educational and cultural needs.
  • To instill the traditional Indian heritage, values and culture in children through Sunday School.
  • To provide social/cultural/spiritual opportunities to seniors through an active senior center.
  • To support community development and disaster relief projects in USA and India to assist all affected people.
  • To help organize counseling services to members of Indian community - especially youth and seniors - experiencing various problems in life. Link them with available services or experts as appropriate.