Since the purchase of the property at 16 Jean Terrace in 1989, Indian Community Center (ICC) has completed many capital projects for improvement and expansion of the Mandir. Starting from the original property that was a small ranch house, the facility has transformed into a traditional temple.

The primary reason for the success of the development of the facility was contributions of many - Pujya Bhaishri's blessings and programs, generous donors, experienced design and construction volunteers; and dedicated devotees. The projects have allowed the temple management to increase variety of activities at the temple as well as optimize space utilization for devotees, school students and program attendees.

We are located in a quiet residential area. Projects have been successfully implemented while facing opposition from neighbors for growth. It is a delicate balance requiring efficient management of major holidays, contact with township officials and good public relations.

Recently, the temple completed $260,000 improvement project. This project included addition of 900 square feet entrance hall, finished basement, two new bathrooms, 1000 square feet improved storage space and many aesthetic upgrades. The renovated facility was inaugurated in November 2009 in the presence of major donors, township officials and devotees. As an expression of donor recognition and inspiration for future donors, a plaque was unveiled at the inauguration.